Brixton Beer – harvest and drinking
We had a wonderful year of hops and brewing last year, culminating in rather a lot of delicious locally grown beer being drunk – we sold out one pub in less than 6 hours!

This year we’re at it again, so if anyone in or around Brixton wants to grow hops and drink beer, please get in touch. We also have projects springing up in Cardiff (run by Sam), Hackney (run by Isabel) and Crystal Palace (run by Karolina and Kate) if that is closer.

Hop packs cost £20 plus an extra £10 per extra plant.

We’re holding a beer tasting session with growing tips this Friday the 8th March. We’ll be at the Grape and Grain in Crystal Palace from 6.30 to 8.30. If you can’t join us but would like to take part please contact us. Planting day is the 17th March (St. Patrick’s Day – of course!) and orders need to be in by Monday 11th March.


Carole's Hops

Carole’s hops in summer. Picture by Carole Backler.


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  1. Aron Shamash says:


    I have an allotment on Rosendale road and would like to get involved. Could you please email me info? Where can we get the Hops packs from?


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