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Do you want a greenhouse?

For the last 50 years these windows have been fulfilling their role as windows in the Loughborough Junction Estate but their time has come: they are being replaced by double glazing to reduce heating bills and increase energy efficiency. You could see this as the end of their usefulness, but why should that be? Instead of becoming waste, they are going to help feed us.

City Farmers, working with with Green Engineers and the , will be taking windows from two estates as they are removed. We will be producing a range of bespoke greenhouses and cold-frames from these windows. The supply of windows is large but only available for a limited time so anyone who may want a greenhouse before next summer should register interest now.

Provisionally, payment will be totally negotiable depending on use and resources. Payment options will include but not limited to:

  • Paying for bespoke design and installation,
  • Participatory workshops producing free products for hard-up community groups,
  • Crowd source funding for larger volunteer groups,
  • Free cold-frames for carrying out seedling outreach.

We will be confirming the number of windows over the coming month so please can you register interest as soon as possible. The more information provided regarding what sort of size you would like the easier it is to determine what we should be stocking. In order to reduce costs of storage, we will only collect what we believe there is demand for.

For more information, to help or pre-order please contact us using the form below. Let us know who you are, where the greenhouse will be going, what size you’d like and anything else you think we should know.


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