Brixton Beer – harvest and drinking

The Brixton Beer project has been a delight to work on this year. As you can see on the map below we had hop plants growing in gardens, parks, pots and community areas across South London (click for larger image).

The hops that were ready were picked and weighed, with crops ranging from a modest 30g to an enormous 1.4 kilos from a single plant. You can see Chris from the Secret Greenhouse‘s bumper crop below – incredible stuff!

Our friendly brewer and fellow hop grower Peter from the Florence let us throw our hops into the brew ourselves, and by all accounts a great evening was had by all ‘backstage’ at the microbrewery.

So the hops are grown, the beer is brewing and all that is left to do is drink the stuff! Our beer will be called Prima Donna (after the variety we grew) and will be available from the 6th of October in the Florence and other South London pubs (TBC). We’ll all be meeting up for a pint to celebrate our beer year at the East Dulwich Beer Festival (at the East Dulwich Tavern, the Drafthouse and the Bishop) on Saturday the 6th from 7pm. Come and say hi!

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    1. We’ve love to try brewing it here! Once the growing season is underway I’ll be experimenting with recipes we will certainly be trying yours – I’ll let you know :) One of us is indeed Helen. Hi!

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