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City Farmers is pleased to announce an ambitious new project: Food Finder. This project will be a collaboration between City Farmers and Helen’s sister Nicola Steer, an environmental scientist. Both Helen and Nicola grew up in South Wales and have a passion for food; growing it, cooking it, eating it and thinking about the political and environmental issues that surround it.

We responded to the Wales Coast Path Geovation challenge with Food Finder an idea that will increase food tourism, help visitors find hidden local, sustainable and delicious gems and showcase the best local food Wales has to offer. We were selected to attend the Geovation Camp, and are delighted to announce that we are one of 8 teams to be invited to pitch for a share of £125,000 at the Geovation Showcase.

Food Finder (working title) will be an offline map and an online app that help locals and visitors find food that is local, sustainable and delicious. Our project will help you find amazing delicatessens and markets to “buy your own”, the best local restaurants and gastro pubs to “feed you” and unique foodie “stuff to do” like brewery tours, foraging courses or visiting pick-your-own farms.

We will pilot this plan and develop the initial infrastructure and datasets needed in Section F of the Welsh Coastal Path before completing the whole path using a network of ‘food evangelists’ and secret shoppers. We plan to partner with key data holders like Big Barn, Sustaination, the Welsh government (including the True Taste of Wales) and CAMRA. We also will work with others to produce physical tourist maps of certain key areas, for example the Mumbles coast line.

We are very excited to share this developing project with you, and will keep you up-to-date with any developments!

helen and nicola on the celtic trail

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